Be Cray! demo

by Row

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released April 20, 2012




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row Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: tropical crayons
last june you lay sprawled over the tablecloth, wrapped in a real cute shawl. she stirred, i muttered "lets start early." some birds cooed, she kissed the hem of my shirt.

our filthy eyes are inept designs.
with tropical crayons, we live outside the lines.

i want to see you for seconds

this blue i use
it matches you
but won't diffuse
the tension brewing.
a lighter hue
will have to do
bright green moons
and dead end clues.
we're old news
like Bright Eyes tunes
"turn the page"
is our excuse.

i want you in the worst way.
i want to hold your hand.
in spring or summer, either way
i'll take you home
every goddamn day.
no, i won't say a word,
not a single word.
i swear on my brother's grave
i swear i swear.
i swear on my brother
i swear i swear.
Track Name: bright eyed and bushy tailed
what's that you, you can't think for yourself?
we part ways
parchment crumpled on bookshelves.
ironed sleeves,
they are buttoned so neatly.
folded legs so drunkenly..
discrete and vain
doing 35 in the passing lane.
we kept it light
firewater makes you tame.
now the cellar stairs creak under your weight,
all rickety
time to dissipate, i guess.

i see that you want me to find
all the press clippings you left behind.
where do i even start looking?

pack your damn suitcase.
this is worse then second base.

"it's gloomy in here"
she'd murmur in my ear
"let's pound 6 more beers
and peel away our fears."
the swell's receding
into blood orange evenings,
it's scribbled somewhere:
"true love's only fleeting."

we struck the paper. tinder eyes, could you please not don more disguises, no..
with dangling toes and mangled kites we kissed on piers so dead at night, oh..
hiking back you picked a tree, we wittled letters, you and me, oh..
in your backyard we're crackling, the flames licked us, we ceased to be, so..

oh yeah, yeah
oh no
Track Name: let me cuff my jeans first
it was alright
we were pretty tight
the only difference was
she was alive.

it's how she skipped along
and how i scuffed my pants
we tip-toed on the cracks
it was a loveless dance.

you can paddle home
and you can paddle alone
my ghost will fill the masts
the sea's a crypt and i'm its' widow.
Track Name: let me uncuff my jeans first
Track Name: dr. art hackman, please report to the auditorium
i know you want me to recede like salty breezes from the rooftops, i'll drape your arm around me.
shots from our tumblers
knots from our tumbling,
i can't recall wicked slurs you were mumbling.
rations are scant now
i can't go without you on an empty stomach.
this is our tempest, we slumber on porch swings
the lull from the hinges rock us gently, so gently.
pupils will blossom like tulips lain by shrines
the static, it hisses: "what's yours is mine"

"this is so sick"
"so what?"
"so fucked"

i know you want me gone

save the spit lest you bite your tongue
you speak volumes with your yawns..