by row

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MIxed and Mastered by Roy Ota in Quilmes, Argentina, at Estudios del Sol Naciente

Recorded by Greg Knowles at the Monopoly Piece, Lebanon, PA.

all lyrics by Christian Willard
"a hush" lyrics by Greg Knowles
Row is: Christian, Alex, Clark and Kyle
Row will always love: Donnie, Andy and Emily

thank you to: Greg Knowles and Roy Ota, Ethan, Donnie, Andy, Sovereignties, Marietta, Nicknames, Alex, Charles, Emily and whoever got drunk with us and let us smoke that last cigarette before playing a set, we love you.


released July 18, 2014



all rights reserved


row Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: a hush
come back
crush me
Track Name: lemme cuff my jeans first
it was alright
we were pretty tight
the only difference
we was alive

it's how we skipped along
and how i scuffed my pants
we tip-toed on the cracks
it was a loveless dance

you can paddle home
you can paddle alone
my ghost will fill the mast
the sea's a crypt and i'm it's widow
Track Name: you guys have 'magic sword'?
pasted displacement on fireplaces
scenes singed and shapeless
old tired and tasteless
hometowns are ghost-towns
my tomb's a pitcher's mound

just watch the battered cans
collect like rubber bands
they teethe on veiny hands
drooling for ativin
how many did we cram?
we ate 'em all like piggy banks
i hacked blood and slowly sank
into the tar where Heaven's trapped

i'm going nowhere in this one horse town
burn it down
shed the skin you put me in

i picked blue flowers
it took me hours
i turned my pockets
i turned them outwards
to show you justin
it's that i must've
kept my mouth shut
it's left me threadbare
Track Name: big vanilla
close your eyes and out leaks the monster
peek your fill till it spills on the ground
glare for glare you sneer at the mirror
hideous ponds sneer that sneer back

it sweeps slowly evil eating
glassy youth arranges greetings
smiling scythe swing simply sexy
syncopate last wince electric

conduit tight-rope tip-toe for tip-toe
i'll eat the compost
soft ground for the light show

cut and paste letters together
u and i quietly tethered
saturating carbon paper
cause a schism for the better

i'm matter unborn
stripped shit and pre-torn
i've casted shadows of shadows on Death's form

moth-eaten manuscripts
claim i love you
inaccuracies sift
sugary skeletons
smudged lead leaves vestiges
on doors to hushed closets
beware the furtive hiss
of clutter poorly swept

it vexes her trembling
the flashlight beam's shaking
on the exposed traces
squinting as if waking
from drug induced comas
coughing cutesy foma
to charm not to harm
misspellings blunt the drama
"if only" i'm only shortcomings in mornings
discarded t-shirts out of reach now i'm horny
we'll do it in secret
you'll hate every minute
and plan the next verse to go with some guitar riff

kill me Satan please
set the stove to preheat
i've got time clear my head
i've got time till the beep
Track Name: plums and cherries
i've got to know the truth
let's play the super-sleuth
throw all your tantrums
down wells of 90 proof
now we're petty crooks
who chew the hands they shook
secret chests hide hooks
of all the lives we took

oh, don't give me that face
i can lick my plate clean
dinner's gone cold
slackening your grip on my woolen mittens
noontime scarecrows
stiffened witness
autumn falls crisp and gold as an apple
limbs grow rotten or wilted half-trampled
kiwi sun-speckled pools were her retinas
she's an indian giver who got bored

baby, oh baby the drugs have turned things hazy
trade me, oh trade me a walk alone might save me
lazy, i'm lazy the sofa here's decaying
baby, oh baby it's not me that you're craving

make it stop
make it stop
i've fallen off your spinning globe
Track Name: i ate a spider in guatemala
smile while i fake it
tell me if that's enough
efficiency is fluid
and i can't fill your cup
my temperament ain't flustered
you flash the slyest grin
it's nerves that i need muster
to win that grin again

but as it always goes
mid-sentence and i froze
exchange the apropos
for shots and caustic jokes
and if it's not enough
i've warmed to you too much
frightening beyond belief
is that i'll fuck it all up

bite fists
i'm making you queazy
articulate sadistically seething
the seconds pass
the moods collapsed
soaking into stains on the hearth rug
swollen eyes
you choked on a big bug
you croak hello inaudibly careless
falls in rooms conveniently airless
chances are my scruples will screw me
circumstance and fortune's been fooling
the seconds passed
the moods collapsed

once it's sundown
this is how it goes
coaxing burrowed tastebuds
with mass amounts of coke
once all's said and done
and i can't blow my nose
mull over turning in
nah, that's just how shit goes

base this on things to come
spill our secrets crumb for crumb
i'll bite my tongue just for fun
break the skin to taste the rum
it's sensitive
this tension sits burning like suns but do you give a shit?
Track Name: bright eyed and bushy tailed
what's that you
you can't think for yourself?
we part ways
parchment crumpled on bookshelves
ironed sleeves
they are buttoned so neatly
folded legs
so drunkenly
discreet and vain
doing 35 in the passing lane
we kept it light
fire-water makes you tamed
now the cellar stairs
creak under your weight
all rickety
time to dissipate, i guess

i see that you want me to find
all the press clippings you left behind
where do i even start looking?

pack your damn suitcase
this is worse then second base

it's gloomy in here she murmured in my ear
let's pound six more beers and peel away our fears
the swell's receding to blood-orange evenings
it's scribbled somewhere "true love's only fleeting"

we struck the paper tinder eyes could you please not don more disguises
with dangling toes and mangled kites we kissed on piers so dead at night
hiking back you picked a tree we wittled letters you and me
in your backyard we're crackling the flames licked us we ceased to be

oh yeah yeah
oh no
aw shit
Track Name: burn it..darkly
docile and confused
a mothball in a polished room
dusty rhetoric
pass the broom
on a feeble clue
a little ink and a pesky fume
spare the jazz for a pithy tune

smoldered and smudged and smeared
demure but never scared
growling cursive
convolution inscribed, inferred
burn it darkly
here's my proxy
"i love oxy"
kiss kiss bang bang
i've been White Fang-ed
kindling, meet man

nefarious sincerity
white-knuckled unseeing

frightened shapeless ghost

fumbling fuck
i know this sucks

threads spill off my shirt
adorning a corpse version
left over bullshit
hating them lips purse
adoring how i'd purge
so desperate to exit

i'm so sorry
to you i'm just a story
Track Name: tropical crayons
last June
you lay sprawled
over the table cloth
wrapped in a real cute shawl
she stirred, i muttered
let's start early
some birds cooed
she kissed the hem of my shirt
our filthy eyes are inept designs
with tropical crayons
we live outside the lines

i want to see you for seconds

this blue i use
it matches you
but won't diffuse
the tension brewing
a lighter hue
will have to do
bright green moons
and dead-end clues
we're old news
like Bright Eyes tunes
turn the page
is our excuse

i want you in the worst way
i want to hold your hand
in spring or summer
either way
i'll take you home every goddamn day
no i won't say a word
not a single word
i swear on my brother's grave
i swear, i swear
i swear on my brother
Track Name: bullet train to puddle city
the more i blow
my blood explodes
the mess keeps me from
confronting what i've done
i'll tuck in on floor tiles
being unmade all the while

catch my tarnished enamel
biting off more than i can chew
like some blood hungry mammal
set to spring itching to run you through
straight print on a dampened tabloid
pick me up like the stomach flu
i'll stay till your body's useless
the air's gone dry in this crumbling cocoon

i'll shove off and glance back
over my knapsack
it's all but empty
it's contents consume me
nothing but particles of what i used to be

cup your ear to the wall
i'm the thorn pricking your paw
this ain't for spoon fed eyes
blink in bites as i agonize sob stories

till my lungs form a bruise
delicately bent out of tune
reverberate through soft-shelled rooms
crack my skull
watch me ooze