by row

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fierce grumblings
a storm trapped in your cheeks
punish every inch
dread each second till your lightning
evidence that whispered "once upon a time"
you perched pale white as morning

all the breath that's expelled melts the ice that had frozen from the hail spat up to let us know you'd chosen the meager landscape of our carcasses cringe hinging on hopefully hanging some whims that were lost at a cost casted hot as a spell grim i glimpsed it a cinch from my pothole in hell now my necks grown a crook to watch you fall and sell me a wish i'm a bitch so i know that you're well

precious you've woken some snarling beast fixin to feast and i'm dressed, dripping scents, jarring bones, shivering

oh shit i spooked myself in relief of toxins bearing down
i'd perforate my pores and collect my plague in pails
did i disgust you when i cussed you out back when i was backin
all the fiendishly unclean schemes i clawed out of my pissed jeans?
i need more i am a whore wholesome holed up in my bible
hollowed out with hallowed cash cashin in next to a vial
of the stuff that turns me mushy, hush up that pinprick's lovely
for the lush with puppy crush mellowed out on "it was nothing's"

my cherry kissed your pristine cottons
it dug a hole straight toward your rotten
careworn, cavernous cut hollow
cage of just abandoned burrow
from outside i can peer through you
cussing cuz i made you see through
open wide so i can funnel
my black hole
your barren tunnel

ive ripped like it was nothing
take your pick on which arm you're tugging
place half of me inside a coffin
pray what's left won't make you nauseous
dark circles spell nights spent roughly
dimming lamps to blur her struggling
molten spoons still sickened frenzy
it worries me you still look lovely


released December 8, 2015
lyrics by christian
performed by row

recorded and mixed by tyler burkhart <3



all rights reserved


row Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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