donnie, don't

by row

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mixed and "mastered" by don @ dirty chips studios
artwork by derek riley
title courtesy of past experiences


released October 19, 2013

andy-big throating



all rights reserved


row Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: you guys have 'magic sword'?
pasted dispalcement on fireplaces scenes singed and shapeless old tired and tasteless hometowns are ghost towns my tomb's a pitchers mound

just watch the battered cans collect like rubber-bands they teeth on veiny hands drooling for ativin how many did we cram we ate em all like piggy banks i hacked blood and slowly sank into the tar where heaven's trapped

im going nowhere in this one horse town

burn it down shed the skin you put me in

i picked blue flowers it took me hours i turned my pockets i turned them outward to show you justin it's that i must've kept my mouth shut it's left me threadbare
Track Name: burn it..darkly
blushing docile and confused a mothball in a polished room dusty rhetoric pass the broom crushing on a feeble clue a little ink and a pesky fume spare the jazz for a pithy tune smoldered and smudged and smeared demure both never scared growling cursive convolution inscribed inferred burn it darkly here's my proxy i love oxy kiss kiss bang bang i've been White Fang-ed kindling meet man

nefarious sincerity white-knuckled unseeing

frightened sheetless ghost

fumbling fuck i know this sucks

threads spill on my shirt squirm on a corpse version leftover bullshit hating them lips purse adoring how i'd purge so desperate to exit

im sorry to you im just a story
Track Name: pipe me
caskets catch me drift on a bourbon kick years long frothing little wretch messed up made from scratch piece of cake dig in while you can a crumb for every friend i'm starving such a gaudy feast no placemat set for me oh well that figures trembling tastes so good how good just you wait tempting some petty plot twist track marks mark a cutting complex ingesting garish patchwork hemming ways to pass on terse shit quiet call to reverse arm's length squeeze your wrist at peaks of chairlifts divulging vested diets peak jumping curbside regrets